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If you've experienced a flood or other water emergency at your home or office, you need help fast! The expert Frisco restoration team at Mr. Restore is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be on site within the hour to ensure your water emergency is dealt with quickly! Call us today to book an appointment!

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When you've experienced a flood, plumbing leak, or other unexpected event that resulted in a build up of water, the most important step is to remove all standing water as quickly as possible. At Mr. Restore, we are available 24 hours a day to help with your water removal emergencies and can arrive at your home or office within the hour in most cases.

One of the unfortunate side effects of a flood is the lasting damage it can have on the structure of your building if not addressed properly. From harmful mold and bacteria growth to structural damage from rot, these types of structural repairs can cost additional money, time, and environmental concerns. That's why when you need expert water restoration done right the first time, call the pros at Mr. Restore. With over 50 years of resoration experience, our team will ensure your safety now and in the future.

Our Services

  • Residential Water Restoration
  • Emergency Flood Clean Up
  • Water Extraction
  • Sewage Clean Up
  • Property Reconstruction
  • Crawlspace Flood Clean Up
  • Commercial Water Restoration
  • Structural Drying
  • Basement Flood Clean Up
  • Contents Packing and Storage
  • Deodorization
  • And More

Dealing with water damage doesn't have to be an impossible situation! Our team of expertly trained restoration specialists will work hard to keep you informed throughout the process and will try to salvage as much of your property as possible. We stand behind our work with a 1 year warranty and will do everything in our power to earn your satisfaction on each and every job.



  • Emergency Water Damage

    Frisco Emergency Water Damage Restoration

    Frisco Emergency Water Damage Restoration

    When a water emergency strikes, you need help fast. The professional water damage restoration specialists at Mr. Restore have years of experience helping residents and business owners fix water damage issues quickly and correctly. We understand that water damage emergencies are impossible to predict, which is why we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with your Frisco water damage problem.

    It's important to act quickly when your Frisco area home or business is affected by water damage or a flood. The faster you take action, the more likely you may be to prevent even further damage. It's important to have a professional water damage company, like Mr. Restore, assess the situation and minimize the damage to your property.

    If you are experiencing a water damage or flooding issue, give us a call 24 hours a day. Our highly trained professionals can assist you in determining the best course of action to return your Frisco home or business to a safe, dry environment as quickly as possible.

    Contact us today at 469-414-5009 so we can help you with your Frisco water damage issue.

  • Flood Restoration

    Frisco Flood Restoration

    Frisco Flood Restoration

    If your Frisco area home or business has suffered flood damage, the pros at Mr. Restore are standing by ready to help. We pride ourselves in responding to flood damage quickly, as quick action is often critical in order to prevent or at least mitigate serious structural or other damages that may be a risk due to flood damage.

    While any area of your Frisco area home can be affected by flooding, much of the flood restoration performed deals with flooded basements. There are unique dangers posed by wet or flooded basements, so it's important to call a flood damage professional like Mr. Restore if you have experienced basement flooding in your Frisco area home or business. Potential structural damage, mold and mildew growth, toxic or contaminated water, electrical problems, and many other potential problems can be a result of flooding.

    At Mr. Restore, we use only modern equipment to dry out your Frisco area home or business after flood damage has occurred. It is important for the areas affected by flood damage be properly dried to prevent mildew, mold, or other moisture related issues. We'll make sure that the flooded areas are dried out and that your Frisco area home or business is restored to its pre-flood condition. 

    Contact us at 469-414-5009so our skilled professionals can help you with your Frisco flood damage issue.

  • Water Extraction & Drying

    Frisco Water Removal and Extraction

    Frisco Water Extraction & Dryout

    The key to a successful water damage restoration is quickly removing all standing water so your structure can dry. At Mr. Restore, we are experts at handling water damage and flooding, and especially at fast, professional water extraction.

    At Mr. Restore, we work with modern water extraction equipment so that when your Frisco area home or business needs to have standing water removed, our highly trained water extraction professionals can get the job done quickly. 

    It's important to remove all moisture remaining after your water damage issue to prevent the growth of mildew and mold. Mr. Restore can assist with your Frisco water damage restoration project by extracting all water and moisture as well as thoroughly drying all affected areas.

    Contact us today at 469-414-5009so we can help you with Frisco water extraction and dryout services.

  • Residential Water Damage

    Frisco Residential Water Damage Restoration

    Frisco Residential Water Damage

    Residential water damage is usually unexpected and can be caused by a variety of things, including broken pipes, washing machines, leakage and overflows from water heaters, refrigerators, roof leaks, dishwashers, sewer backups, and more. At Mr. Restore, we understand that it is very discomforting to see your Frisco area home or flooded with water damage and are here to help you quickly return your home to a safe, dry environment.

    We are experts in residential water damage issues and are committed to providing prompt, thorough service. Our highly trained water damage restoration technicians will make you feel at ease with their experience and knowledge to handle nearly any kind of residential water damage problem.

    To restore your home to its pre-damage condition, correct drying of the affected areas is essential. This will ensure that dangerous substances, such as mildew and mold, can't grow. At Mr. Restore, we will not only quickly extract water from your Frisco area home, but our highly trained water damage technicians will make sure that your home is properly dried out to prevent any future problems with mold or mildew. 

    At Mr. Restore, we are here to ensure that your Frisco area home is restored as quickly and as professionally as possible. In order to minimize the damage and restore your home to pre-flood conditions, our highly trained restoration professionals are ready to act quickly to solve your water damage issue.

    Contact today at 469-414-5009so we can assist you with your Frisco water damage issue.

  • Commercial Water Damage

    Frisco Commercial Water Damage Restoration

    Frisco Commercial Water Damage Restoration

    At Mr. Restore, we understand that water damage and flooding can do untold damage to your Frisco business. Floods are the single most costly disaster in the United States, causing over a billion dollars in damage per year, and can be espicially damaging when they hinder or stop your company's regular business.

    If your business has suffered flood damage, the professionals at Mr. Restore can help. Give us a call as soon as possible after the flood or water damage occurs, as often times flooding and water damage need to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent potential permanent structural damage.

    The Mr. Restore team is committed to using modern drying technology and water damage repair techniques to restore your Frisco business to its pre-flood condition. We pride ourselves in our quick response time and our highly trained water damage restoration professionals will make you feel at ease about your commercial water damage issue. At Mr. Restore, we have the experience and the know how to handle any kind of commercial water damage problem.

    Contact us today at 469-414-5009so we can help you with your Frisco commercial water damage issue.

  • Sewage Clean Up

    Frisco Flood Restoration

    Frisco Sewage Clean Up

    Similarly to your drain pipes, the sewer line in your home can become clogged, causing backups which often lead to major water damage emergencies. Though clogs from non-flushable items are the most common cause of sewer backups, other causes such as tree roots or collapsed city lines can result in a devastating backup of highly contaminated water. Even if your home or business uses a septic system, backups can still occur, primarily from clogs, and have the same potentially costly effects.

    Unlike a flood caused by an overflowing sink, for example, sewer backup water easily transmits hazardous pathogens. As a result, it is highly recommended you hire a professional sewage damage removal company like Mr. Restore to safely, and properly handle your sewage clean up project. Our team has the proper training to know where it is safe to enter the building, how to safely dispose of the contaminated water, and when it is safe to re-enter your property.

    When you experience a sewage backup, it's important to not try to resolve the issue on your own. Because issues with your sewer system can affect the entire neighborhood, you need a licensed professional to resolve yours sewage backup issue. Mr. Restore is licensed to handle nearly any residential or commercial sewage cleanup issue and is committed to performing the work as quickly as possible.

    Typical sewage clean up services include:

    • Removal of all contaminated water.
    • Removal of furniture, objects, carpet, or other flooring that may have been compromised.
    • Complete structural dryout services
    • Deodorization and sanitization to ensure no harmful materials are left behind.
    • Completion of necessary structural repairs from surrounding damage.

    Contact us today at 469-414-5009to schedule an appointment for Frisco sewage clean up.

  • Basement Flooding

    Frisco Basement Flood Clean Up

    Frisco Basement Flood Clean Up

    One of the most common Frisco water damage issues is due to basement flooding. Sump pumps, main sewer drains, main plumbing pipes, and clothes washers usually live in the basement of most homes. Following a storm, runoff water has the potential to end up causing a basement flood for some as well. When you experience a basement flood, call the  experts at Mr. Restore for professional basement flood removal services.

    When you experience a basement flood, properly water extraction and structural dryout is critical to prevent future problems. Removing all traces of water from your basement flood helps to prevent the growth of black mold, mildew, and other bacteria, all of which pose serious health concerns to your family. Mr. Restore has years of experience and training to make sure each step is performed thoroughly and correctly the first time.

    By hiring Mr. Restore for your basement flood clean up project, you can rest easy knowing licensed, insured, professionals will work tirelessly to return your home to its pre-flood condition. We use the latest technology and adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure a successful restoration project.

    Call us today at 469-414-5009for Frisco basement flood clean up service.

1 Year Warranty Call for details.

We love our customers - they love us!

  • This company is awesome :-). After my son flooded both toilets in the upstairs bathrooms, I called this company and Steven came out and gave a honest assessment and how we could restore everything as an expensively and easily as possible. The prior company I had come out wanted to charge us $2,000 just for the fans and the demo. We rented fans on our own and Mr. Restore helped us all along the way and was so generous and honest. I cannot recommend them highly enough especially during a stressful time. Awesome company!!!;)

    - Cindy H.
  • We came home from a vacation to a flooded house. The Mr. Restore team had a team to our house in under 30 minutes with equipment in tow. Their team was so professional and helpful - they answered every question we had. They even acknowledged that for the amount of damage we had there were alternative methods we could take to make the repairs on our own. You could not find a more honest, honorable group to help take care of you during what can be an extremely stressful time.

    - Kate J.
  • Could not have asked for better service as they provided. Never going through water damage in a home before I was so nervous. They walked us through the whole process and answered every question we had. Clint Junell and the guys that came with him provided outstanding service! I would recommend them to anyone and will definitely use them again if we needed to.

    - Rae'Lene K.
  • Mr. Restore was professional and responsive. They were always on time and dependable. Most importantly, they were more interested in making us happy and saving us money than trying to make money. They brainstormed and thought of every possible solution so we could make good decisions. They helped us protest insurance decisions, and they always answered all our questions thoroughly. Wonderful job and great people.

    - Kristen M.
  • I would definitely recommend Mr. Restore! Jeff and Mitch were very helpful! With the situation that we had, those two guys helped us out very much. Great customer service! Thank you very much fellas!

    - Frank T.
  • Mr. Restore got me squared away after some water damage in our bathroom/bedroom. They were professional, on time, and really knew their stuff! I was encouraged when they were able to answer my questions and explain to me everything they were doing before they did it. Highly recommended!

    - Carl B.
  • I called Clint the owner at 11p on a Wednesday night. He immediately responded. My washer leaked and I was not sure what I needed to do. He had his team out at my house early Thursday morning to help advise me of the next steps I needed to take. My leak was not a large leak so there was no need to have them come out Wed. night. They helped me figure out if I needed to call insurance or not. They immediately put fans up in all areas of my home that needed them. They came out daily and checked my home until it was completely dry. I had never experienced anything like this so I was grateful for his entire team to help me through this process through phone calls and texts. I was able to have a shower at my house as well as a party within the week. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Restore to all of my friends and family!!!

    - Erin P.
  • I called Clint on a Saturday evening after our washing machine hose had come loose and leaked through our laundry room and living room. Clint answered my call and was very honest about his process and costs compared to other flooding solution companies. He dispatched Jeff and JD and they were at my house within 45 minutes (on a SATURDAY!). They were both professional, courteous, and honest. I highly recommend this company. Regardless of the situation, Clint and his team will lead you in the right direction financially.

    - Crystal C.
  • Mr. Restore went above and beyond the damage clean-up job, they helped me navigate my insurance policy, they were very responsive after hours on a weekend, and they really strived to do a high quality job within my budget constraints proposing different ways to tackle the damage I had, they always arrived on time and answered everyone of my calls while the project lasted.

    - Gabriela I.
  • The idea that the house I loved was quickly becoming one I hated was overwhelming. Mr. Restore took my project on and left me with peace and ease of mind. They handled everything professionally keeping me informed along the way. Great company and great employees. AWESOME experience.

    - Janet C.

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Serving the greater Dallas area, Mr. Restore has over 50 years of experiencing handling water disasters of all sizes. Our team handles each restoration project with compassion, precision, and care. We know trying to recover after a flood can be a highly stressful situation and we aim to relieve as much stress as possible by providing exceptional customer service and quality workmanship.

Whether you've had a pipe burst in your basement or need help after a flood, no job is too big or too small for our team. We are fully insured and bonded for your peace of mind and are available 24/7 to help you in your emergency.

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